Do Miami Heat, Erik Spoelstra now lean more on Tyler Herro?

Q: Free Tyler Herro. With no Jimmy Butler, no Terry Rozier and no Josh Richardson, I say put the ball in Tyler Herro’s hands and let him be Dwyane Wade. This is what he has been waiting for. – Felipe.

A: I’m not sure there really is any other choice, as long as it involves also keeping Tyler Herro involved in the pick-and-roll with Bam Adebayo. But again, this also is temporary, with Jimmy Butler expected back after the All-Star break following the death in his family, and perhaps with some optimistic news with Terry Rozier and Josh Richardson. While you don’t want to dramatically alter the message to a player, there is no reason with Jimmy Butler and Terry Rozier out that Tyler Herro can’t update his diet of mid-range shots. Scoring is going to be hard in these two upcoming games in Milwaukee and Philadelphia. Tyler Herro has the ability to make it easier.

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