Were the Miami Heat put at a deficit during New York trip?

Q: Ira, why schedule the back-to-back when players find a way to play only one of the games? It happens every time. If it is too hard to play two nights in a row, why not extend the season by a month and finish the playoffs in July? They might get better TV ratings and won’t give the fans G League games during the season. – Jeff, Pompano Beach.

A: Because fans want to go to games on Friday and Saturday nights. Those are prime sales nights. So to ban back to backs would reduce a key revenue day. The part I don’t like is the NBA stressing the need for players to appear in national-television games and the In-Season Tournament, at the expense of arguably operating in the team’s best interest. So the Heat’s hand basically was forced when it came to going all-in on Friday night in New York. But you also should give credit to Kyle Lowry, at 37, pushing through both nights, and Kevin Love, at 35, doing the same. As for Bam Adebayo, I’m not sure anyone wants to push a lingering injury in November. That just doesn’t make sense.

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