Saturday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Tindall, Tight Ends, Tua, and More

Part 2 of the latest SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From yolli71 (@yolli71):

I know it’s early, but what would be your plan to upgrade the roster for next year?

Whoa, man, that’s an all-encompassing question right there. For a quick answer at this point, I’d say add a durable backup QB, re-sign one or more of the RBs, add an OL, get a TE, add a playmaking LB, add a CB. Whether all that can be done is another topic.

From Javier (@jboy1724):

These questions are all based on the high probability of Jones being cut but here goes.. When is the right time for Jones being cut? Also, what kind of cap space can be created to get a good corner opposite of Howard and who are some names out there that Miami should consider?

Hey Javier, it’s too early to talk about what cornerbacks could be considered because some players will become available before free agency opens who are not available yet. Cameron Sutton from the Steelers is one player I’d identify at this time, though I would think Pittsburgh will re-sign him. As for creating cap space, there’s always a way to get that done with restructured contracts and some players getting cut. Oh, and the right time for Jones to get cut (if it’s going to happen is post-June 1 because it would be a lot less painful on the cap).

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