Alive and Kicking: New England Patriots Still Own Path to Playoffs?

The lethargic offense. Matt Patricia’s lampooned play-calling. The quarterback controversy. The bizarre, bonehead loss in Las Vegas. The gut-wrenching fumble that short-circuited last weekend’s Christmas comeback.

The stunning fact that the next time the New England Patriots play a game it will be 2023 and Mac Jones has thrown only one more touchdown (9) than interception (8).

Despite all those hiccups, confounding laterals and demoralizing fumbles, the most amazing fact about the Pats’ 2022 season is that – entering Week 17 – they still control their fate for the NFL playoffs. At 7-8 and having lost four of their last five including last week’s 22-18 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, the path to the postseason remains unfathomable simple.

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