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“Queen of Versailles” Florida Mega Mansion Sees $10M in Hurricane Ian Damages

Jackie Siegel (Photos via Getty, Courtesy Jackie Siegel)

Calamity besets Versailles once more.

The troubled 90,000-square-foot mansion at the heart of the 2012 documentary “Queen of Versailles” suffered $10 million in damages thanks to Hurricane Ian, Page Six reported.

The estate’s sovereign, Jackie Siegel, told the outlet the storm flooded several floors of her home at 6121 Kirkstone Lane in Windermere, Florida. A particularly expensive element of the damage is the recently installed 24-karat crown molding now crumbling to the former model’s living room floor, the publication reported.

Siegel anticipates a cost of around $100,000 to pump out the water.

6121 Kirkstone Lane in Windermere (Google Maps)

6121 Kirkstone Lane in Windermere (Google Maps)

She and her timeshare executive husband David Siegel, and their troubled mega mansion have made headlines since director Lauren Greenfield captured their lives in the fallout of the global financial crisis.

The couple bought the property in the gated community of Lake Butler Sound near Orlando in 2003 for $4.8 million, records show. The Siegels started construction on Versailles, one of the largest single family homes in America, a year later. The 13-bedroom, 23-bathroom mansion spans three floors and sits on a 10.1 acre lot, according to records. shows the property was listed in 2013 for $65 million.

Before Hurricane Ian hit, construction was set to finally wrap in early 2023, according to the outlet. But that timeline has been pushed back once again.

With David’s Westgate Resorts doing $1.4 billion in revenue in 2021, the couple should have the funds to move forward with repairs to the home Jackie Siegel called a “masterpiece.”

Versailles was far from the only home Hurricane Ian devastated. Early estimates of property damage are in the billions, according to the BBC. The storm’s death toll climbed to 21 as of Friday, making it one of the deadliest in the state’s history, POLITICO reported.

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