Welcome to the Ask Eater Miami Dining Advice Column

We’ll soon be kicking off Ask Eater, a dining advice column from Eater Miami where the editor and contributors answer questions from readers.

Eater will field inquiries about an in-demand dish, cuisine, or wine and cocktails served at Miami restaurants; which places have the best breezy rooftops during Miami most humidity-filled summer days; where to find good frozen drinks with a view; which one of the insane amount of new Mediterranean spots you should try; and so much more. No question is too weird or obscure to be considered. All answers will be highly opinionated.

Want to know if booking a table for a $200+ steak is worth it? Or where to eat to up the romance factor? Want to know which dive bars are still open after the pandemic? Or where to dress to the nines and show off all those pandemic shopping ‘fits? We’ve got you covered.

Send questions to the tipline, and Eater will feature the answer to one or more questions each month, providing guidance to the questions that plague Miami diners. People who write in with questions remain anonymous, so go wild.

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