Miami off-duty nurse credited with saving woman’s life – Newstalk KZRG

An area health care worker is being praised for saving a woman’s life while off-duty.

Shyanne Brandon, B.S.N., RN, was recently honored by INTEGRIS Health Miami Hospital Chief Executive Jonas Rabel for the life-saving measures she performed while attending as a guest at an employee appreciation event hosted by the Miami Nation’s Prairie Sun and Prairie Moon Casinos.

“Day in and day out, our caregivers report to work knowing that patients and their families are counting on us,” said Rabel. “Shyanne’s quick response to a medical crisis outside the walls of our hospital is a true example of heroism and her dedication to caring for our community, no matter where she might be.

Shyanne is credited with saving Pamela Satchell, who was assigned the task of checking-in employees and handing out t-shirts on a hot July day.

When Pamela decided to go for a swim to cool off, and that is when things went awry.

“The only memory I have is going down the slide, landing in the water and then feeling like I was pulled under,” Pamela said. “I came up and told the lifeguard I needed help. That is really all that I can remember.”

Shyanne witnessed the near-drowning and, without hesitation, began administering medical aid, which included checking for a pulse, rolling Pamela to her side, expelling water and continuing life-saving measures until emergency medical services arrived to transport Pamela to the hospital.

“As I helped pull Pam out of the water, I did a quick scene check and realized I was the only one around that could help,” said Shyanne. “My training with INTEGRIS Health prepared me, and God truly overcame me with a sense of calm and clarity. I could hear all these people around me scared and worried, but I stayed calm. I can only say God truly was with me at that moment.”

Pamela spent two days in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. Weeks later, she was reunited with Shyanne on the day hospital leadership presented her with an award for her off-duty heroism.

“Shyanne will always be my personal angel,” she added. “What a blessing to have someone like her at the right place and time.”

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