A Miami Plastic Surgeon Roasts People On Twitter Who Don’t Want To Pay & It’s Hilarious

There’s a plastic surgeon in Miami who’s become famous on the Internet. It’s not only his results that gained him such a big following, but even those who aren’t his patients have found endless entertainment from his social media pages.

His name is Michael Salzhauer, and his Twitter has taken a mind of its own. Since he seems to be one of the most popular plastic surgeons in South Florida, you can imagine the waiting list he has.

Many of his potential clients try and shoot their shot on their own accounts for a quick discount and he claps right back. The Internet is obsessed with his responses.


#duet with @mundaiguess thanks for laughing along. Glad you guys enjoy the tweets, all responses are with love😂🙏🏻❤️. #drmiami #bca #xyzbca #fyp

The header photo on his social media account reads: “No we do not take tri care, care credit, food stamps, ‘links’, your first born, kidneys, right arms, your parents, cashapp, pets, or you ‘working until its paid off’. Thanks 😂🙏🏻 or kohls cash”.

However, he still finds people asking for a steal on some of his procedures, and he definitely has fun with his replies. Especially, when his most sought-after service, a BBL (Brazilian Buttlift), Lip 360, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift, cost $27,995.

One user offered to apply to work with him so she could get a discount.

He responded: “Who said that😂”

Another person, who goes by the name of Ari, asked him if he’ll take food stamps for a BBL, to which he said, “I JUST got back Ari”.

The surgeon wrote on his social media, “what’s up Twitter”, and received a response from a follower.

“Freezing my a** off waiting for my heater to get fixed. Going to need a replacement a**. Cough cough.”

His witty response this time was, “Just glue it back on”.

The doctor even follows hilarious trends on TikTok. He posted a video that received 1.6 million views July 1.

The caption read: “When he says he will only pay for 1/4 of the tummy tuck and her other baby daddies can pay the rest.”

Meanwhile, the trending audio behind it said, “don’t say that.”

Though he only gets paid for his medical career, Dr. Miami’s social accounts have us all almost in tears from laughing.

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