Are Boston Celtics The Biggest Losers If Donovan Mitchell Joins Miami Heat?

The Boston Celtics have their strongest chance to win the NBA championship this season, facing a Jimmy Butler-less Miami Heat roster in Round 1 and a struggling Cleveland Cavaliers lineup in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

The Celtics’ title window may close if they don’t walk away victorious this year, due to a potential team-up of Butler and Cavaliers star Donovan Mitchell. Two of the league’s best playoff risers joining forces in Miami pose a serious threat to Jayson Tatum and Co.

Analyst Colin Cowherd is among those who view the Celtics as one of the biggest losers if the Heat acquire Mitchell.

“I think Miami is interesting. I could see Miami. Donovan, [Jimmy] Butler, Bam [Adebayo]—that’s a title team that’s in the running for a title team. That’s a really good team. By the way, you know who loses in that scenario, the Celtics, because Miami already has the better coach, then you give me Donovan Mitchell, Jimmy Butler, Bam, and all the dogs versus I want to share the ball, I want to be one of the guys, Jayson Tatum,” Cowherd said on a recent addition of ‘The Herd’. “If Miami lands Donovan Mitchell, every Celtic fan whose realistic is going ‘crap’. Every time Spoelstra has close to even talent, he’s beating Boston.”

The ‘Big Three’ era in the NBA is seemingly coming to an end, but the Heat’s ability to develop under-the-radar players could make them an exception. Despite the need to part ways with key contributors to acquire Mitchell, the front office could likely replace some of the rotational issues with ease.

A starting lineup of Terry Rozier, Mitchell, Butler, Nikola Jovic, and Adebayo would put tremendous pressure on Tatum to thrive in the playoffs, which he’s yet to prove capable of.

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