Cuba Gooding Jr. Surfaces in Miami Amid Diddy’s Federal Raid Drama




… Amid Diddy’s Drama

Cuba Gooding Jr. was in Miami this past weekend — the same place Diddy has been amid an ongoing federal investigation … interesting considering their alleged connection.

TMZ obtained a photo of Cuba in South Beach on Easter Sunday, and as you can see … he’s by his lonesome on the back of a golf cart, which is advertising yacht rentals, and there are 2 unknown fellas sitting up front.

Cuba looks relaxed with his shades on as he peruses his phone — and yes, he’s certainly dressed for a festive sunny day in the Sunshine State.

Of course, the reason Cuba’s presence in South Florida might raise an eyebrow or 2 is he and Diddy were recently named co-defendants in the lawsuit filed by Rodney Jones … an ex-employee of the Bad Boy mogul.

Jones had previously named Cuba in his first lawsuit — alleging the guy inappropriately touched him … something he then amended to claim amounted to outright sexual assault.

You’ll recall … Rodney alleged Diddy introduced him to Cuba while they were all on Diddy’s yacht, and Cuba started fondling him. Rodney claims he had to push Cuba away during the alleged encounter.

Rodney further alleged in his lawsuit that he felt Diddy had left him with Cuba in an attempt to pass him to his friends in the industry.

Diddy has denied all of Rodney’s claims … and some of his allegations in the lawsuit have fallen flat when put under a microscope.

Of course, in light of everything that’s happened with Diddy since that lawsuit was filed earlier this year — Cuba suddenly popping up in Miami will draw more attention than it normally would.

Now, he has not been seen hanging with Diddy at all while in Florida — and FWIW, Cuba hasn’t addressed the allegations in Rodney’s lawsuit … nor has he or his reps/attorneys addressed anything Diddy-related.

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Diddy himself has also surfaced publicly in the wake of the raids … popping up here and there in Miami —  and seemingly not trying to hide, despite the federal sex trafficking probe.

He’s denied all the allegations in multiple civil suits, and as for the feds — he has not been arrested or charged with any crime.

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