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A Miami-Dade woman was arrested for poisoning her boyfriend after he found a bleach tablet in his tea cup, police said.

Ivette Diaz, 49, was arrested Friday on a charge of poisoning food or water, an arrest report said.

The alleged incident happened Feb. 20 when the couple, who have been living together for about 3 years, were at their home off Southwest 158th Place.

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Ivette Diaz

According to the report, Diaz’s boyfriend made himself a meal and some tea, then walked outside to call his employer.

He came back inside and offered Diaz a bite of his tortilla meal, which she accepted, the report said.

But when she exclaimed how spicy it was and he offered her his cup of tea, she adamantly declined, the report said.

The boyfriend took a large gulp from his cup and his throat started to immediately burn and then he noticed a strong smell of bleach coming from the cup and poured it in the sink, the report said.

He then looked in the cup and found the remnants of a concentrated bleach tablet he usually uses for dissolving into 5 gallons of water, the report said.

“There’s bleach in this drink! Did you put bleach in my drink?” he asked Diaz, according to the report.

“I thought it was sugar,” was her response, according to the report.

The boyfriend was taken to Homestead Hospital for treatment.

The report noted that the sugar was in powder form and kept in an upper kitchen cabinet while the tablets are kept under the kitchen sink.

Diaz was arrested and booked into jail. Attorney information wasn’t available.

Diaz’s landlord told NBC6 he watched as police took her into custody.

“I don’t know what happened with them because they look like a beautiful, very happy couple,” the landlord said. “When police was here he went to the hospital. She was in the police car about 3-4 hours, they were waiting for the detective to come to the property.”

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