Miami-Dade County Sheriff candidates participate in town hall – NBC 6 South Florida

A large group of candidates for the Miami-Dade County Sheriff had the opportunity to outline their platforms before a local police association on Thursday.

The county has not had an elected sheriff since the 1960s. A constitutional amendment required that Miami-Dade County elect a sheriff this year.

The town hall was hosted by the Hispanic Police Officers Association. Twelve candidates participated, and not all were in attendance because some announced their candidacy after the event was organized.

Fifteen people are running for sheriff: Ignacio Alvarez, Jose Aragu, John Barrow, Jaspen Bishop, Rosanna Cordero-Stutz, Ruaen de la Rua, Alexander Fornet, Susan Khoury, Mario Knapp, Orlando Lopez, Rickey Mitchell, Rolando Riera Jr., John Rivera, Ernesto Rodriguez and Joe Sanchez.

Former Miami-Dade Police Director Freddy Ramirez, once considered a frontrunner for sheriff, dropped out of the race after a suicide attempt.

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