Police search for man who shot liquor store employee in Miami-Dade – NBC 6 South Florida

Miami-Dade Police are searching for a man who they say shot a liquor store employee Thursday night.

Detectives say a man walked inside Jensen’s Liquors on North Miami Avenue and Northwest 79th Street.

They say when he walked inside he tried to get a refund. When an employee denied that refund, the man grabbed a bottle of liquor from the display and tried to walk out without paying.

Police say the employee tried to get the bottle back and there was a struggle between both men. That struggle continued outside and police say the suspect fell down.

Police say when he fell, he pulled out a gun and shot the employee in the abdomen and got away on a blue bicycle. 

“Anyone faced with this situation, any store employees or the general public, no piece of property no matter what the value is worth your life, please do not struggle with an assailant or anyone trying to do you harm,” Miami-Dade Police said. “This is an individual who has already shot an injured one person over a piece of property. If you see this person call 911 immediately.”

Police say the employee, who is 66-years-old is in critical constitution but he is stable.

Police say the suspect, who is in his 40’s is armed and dangerous.

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