Miami Beach voters to choose new mayor during runoff election

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Miami Beach voters are set to turn out to cast their ballots on Tuesday to choose between two lawyers in their 50s who have experience serving the city.

Steven Meiner, the vice mayor, and Michael Góngora, the city’s first openly gay commissioner, were the top contenders to succeed Mayor Dan Gelber during the general election on Nov. 7.

Meiner, 52, was born in Brooklyn and worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Góngora, 53, was born in Coral Gables and worked on litigation related to community associations.

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Both agree more needs to be done on safety, but while Góngora wants a real-time crime center, Meiner wants to expand a prosecutor program to get tough on misdemeanor crimes.

SOBESafe, a residents group that focuses on law enforcement, endorsed Meiner. The Miami Beach Fraternal Order of Police backed Góngora.

Meiner moved to Miami Beach in 2007 and Góngora in 1992. Voters first elected Meiner as commissioner in 2019 and Góngora as commissioner in 2006 and he served three terms.

Góngora, who ran for mayor in 2013 and lost to Philip Levine, has the support of The Miami Association of Realtors.

For more information about the runoff election or to find a voting location, visit this page.

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