Man thrown over Miami River seawall warns of random attacks

MIAMI – A Marine and retired police officer thrown off a seawall warned people on Miami’s River Walk to beware.

“(The attacker) just did his business, tossed me over the wall like Superman and took off running,” Kevin Gilliam, the victim, said. “I was shocked at how quickly, how easily I was overpowered.”

It happened Wednesday night around 11pm, according to Miami Police. Gilliam said he had just come home to his condominium from a movie with his son.  The two then walked Gilliam’s dog, Gypsy along the River Walk.  Both sensed trouble when a stranger ran into them without stopping.

“I was a little alarmed but he took off,” Gilliam said. “So he was gone.”

When Gilliam’s son reached his car, Kevin headed home with Gypsy.  However, the stranger ran towards them a second time.  This time he spoke, Gilliam said.

“He said that other guy’s not with you,” Gilliam explained.  “I got you now and he veered over and basically tackled me and threw me.  He just tossed me over the wall onto the coral rocks and I let go of the leash and the next thing I knew I was laying out.”

Gypsy froze but was not hurt.  Her owner fractured a bone in his shin but climbed back over the seawall and walked to a nearby hotel to get help.  Employees there gave him a wheelchair, ice and comfort until paramedics arrived.

Witnesses along the seawall called 911.  One man followed the suspect.

Within minutes, Miami Police officers arrested Sean Hinz.  Hinz attacked others, threatened to kill an officer and claimed the government wanted to kill him, according to arrest records.  Police think Hinz suffers from mental illness, arrest records said.

No one attacked pressed charges except Gilliam.  So Hinz faces one misdemeanor battery charge.  

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s office told CBS News Miami their office will review evidence including surveillance video to determine if there should be additional or more severe charges.  

The office typically makes such decisions within 21 days of an arrest, a spokesperson for the state attorney’s office said.

“I’m just happy that it happened to me and not to my friends in this building or my wife or my son,” Gilliam said.

While thanking police and witnesses for helping hold someone accountable for the attack, Gilliam warned neighbors and anyone else walking along the seawall to beware.

“Don’t travel by yourself,” he said.

Hinz is due in court next week.

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