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At least 10 people were injured in a shooting outside a popular Miami Gardens restaurant during what witnesses said was a video shoot for rapper French Montana.

Now, police are saying the organizers of the video shoot did not obtain the proper permits for the event, which could have prevented the shooting.

Here’s what we know about the mass-casualty incident and the three rappers who were involved.

What happened the night of the shooting?

Gunfire erupted late Thursday night at The Licking in Miami Gardens where rapper French Montana was filming a music video.

The shooting left at least 10 people wounded in a South Florida strip mall parking lot, but Montana was not injured.

Miami Gardens Police said an altercation started in a different location and eventually ended at the restaurant, where the shooting happened.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue reported that of the 10 injured, four took themselves to the hospital and six were transported by ground and by air. The conditions of those injured were not released, but no fatalities have been reported.

“I just saw everybody running,” said witness Kayla Sanchez. “It was quiet and then all of a sudden 10 shots, 15 shots.”

Sanchez said she drove up to the scene to meet with her boyfriend who was already there after renting his 1985 Chevrolet Caprice for the video shoot, which was later taken by investigators.

“The police actually took the car for evidence,” she said. “They wanted to dust it for fingerprints and see if there was any bullets in it.”

She returned to the restaurant Friday morning because she said her dog was lost in all the panic.

What else do we know so far?

According to police, the city of Miami Gardens requires a permit for events like the music video that was organized at The Licking.

MGPD says that because the necessary permits were not obtained by the organizers of the video, the appropriate law enforcement detail was not secured for the event, which “led to an unfortunate situation.”

If the proper protocol had been followed and the necessary agencies had been notified ahead of time, MGPD says officers “would have been in place to safeguard the community and assist with deterring and responding, if needed, to any situation that may arise.”

MGPD Chief D. Noel-Pratt released a statement saying in part: “It is very important for the victims and their families of this senseless tragedy to know that their wellbeing is a priority, and we wish to convey our well wishes for a speedy and full recovery.”

Police have not yet made any arrests in this case and the incident remains under investigation as police seek more information.

Police also want to reassure the community that “this was an isolated incident” and that law enforcement personnel “will continue their efforts to maintain the public’s safety.”

“If anybody was in the area at the moment that this incident occurred, we would like to hear from you, please call Crime Stoppers,” Miami Gardens Det. Diana Gourgue said.

Who are the rappers involved in the shooting?

Three rappers, French Montana, Rob49 and Ced Mogul, were present on the night of the shooting.

French Montana, 38, is a Morocco native who moved to the United States as a teenager and signed with Bad Boy Records and South Florida native Rick Ross’s Maybach Music Group in 2012 after the release of his breakthrough hit “Choppa Choppa Down.”

The multi-platinum-selling artist released his first record Excuse My French in 2013, which featured the hit single “Ain’t Worried About Nothin.” He would release three more records, with 2017’s Jungle Rules featuring the song “Unforgettable” which reached No. 2 on the Billboard charts.

Montana has had run-ins with the law, including previous allegations of sexual misconduct at a hotel in Miami Beach in 2017. He was also shot in the head and seriously wounded in 2003 when two gunmen opened fire outside a New York City recording studio, AP reports.

Montana released a statement on Twitter on Friday about the incident, saying he was in “the wrong place at the wrong time” and that his thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families.

Rapper Ced Mogul, who was also present on the night of the incident, has released three albums to date, all in 2022. His latest, Sorry I Didn’t Fail, was released in early December.

Mogul told NBC 6 he was at the video shoot behind a nearby KFC, where someone was robbed. The shoot then moved to The Licking, where he says rapper Rob49 was among the 10 injured. Police have not confirmed this information.

Rob49, 23, is a New Orleans native who began his rap career in 2020 and released his album, 4God, one year later. He was reportedly one of the 10 people injured in the incident, though that has not been confirmed by police.

Ced Mogul shared a video that showed French Montana and Rob49 in the backseat of a car during the video shoot and before the shooting.

He also shared a video of police and fire rescue helping some of the wounded outside the restaurant.

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