Residents Near Miami Beach Marina Say Charter Boat Partiers Out of Control – NBC 6 South Florida

Residents living along a section of a South Beach marina say their paradise is going downhill, with partygoers on charter boats taking it way too far when coming past their homes.

The residents say the foul language and exposed body parts are part of the scene when those out having a good time come off charter boats.

One resident said that he reported that he was struck when recording some of the drama outside his unit. The man, who didn’t want to be identified, is one of the residents living at the Yacht Club of Portofino on Alton Road.

He said that scenes of chaos have been a common occurrence in their lives since the pandemic began to ease.

“Everyone is just drunk, high. Sometime we found carrying firearms. Food get thrown in the marina,” resident Esther Overton said. “It’s a lot of loud noise, loud music. So, it’s become very sad to see this in our beautiful area.”

Residents say the issues include people going to the bathroom in public, cars parked where they shouldn’t be, and lots of yelling. They also said that in the parking lot under their units where those using the marina are allowed to park looks like a free-for-all sometimes.

“We have public parking in a private condo complex here and that’s probably one of the issues,” resident Timothy Sanders said.

Miami Beach Police officials said they’ve increased patrols and are well aware of the residents’ concerns. Many residents said officers are doing all they can, but recognized the officers can’t be at the marina around the clock.

“I love our Miami Beach Police Department but there’s just so much that they can do,” Overton said.

The residents said at the end of the day, it’s the marina operator who should be doing something to make sure that their neighborhood isn’t turned into a free-for-all where anything goes.

“The marina has a responsibility to protect the citizens here as well as the patrons that go out on the boats,” Sanders said.

“We’ve had several meeting with the city, the police, and especially with the owners of the marina who are actually in charge of the marina, which I think really it lays on them,” Overton said.

In a statement, Suntex, the operators of the marina, said they’re working to address residents’ concerns.

“Suntex is aware that there have been customer behavioral issues that have impacted our neighbors in the adjacent condos. Suntex has undertaken steps to help address these issues – such as the non-renewal of certain 10-day charters and the eviction of customers where warranted due to behavioral issues,” the statement read. “Suntex is currently working with and will continue to work with both the City of Miami Beach and our neighbors to improve the situation.”

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