Miami-Dade Officers Head to SW Florida to Help Victims of Hurricane Ian – NBC 6 South Florida

A caravan of Miami-Dade police officers left the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium Wednesday to drive to Southwest Florida’s and help those affected by Hurricane Ian.

According to Miami Dade Police Director, Alfredo Ramirez III, more than 50 Miami-Dade officers will be in Charlotte County ready to assist in the recovery efforts as needed.

“They’re going in two different contingents on two different missions,” said Ramirez. “The first team is our Rapid Deployment Force, specially trained in these situations to be self-sustained for at least two weeks.”

The second group, comes from the Police Officers Assistance Trust.

Ramirez said many of the officers specialize in quick tactical responses, like building searches and they’re not coming empty handed.

“They have a whole bunch of tools,” said Ramirez. “They have wood, heavy machinery, equipment that’s designed to get the roof stabilized, electric saws, things of that nature.”

The officers are experienced with hurricane response and were previously deployed to the Florida Keys during Hurricane Irma.

Now they’re answering the call after Hurricane Ian.

“We are sending our love and sending resources,” said Ramirez. “This is going to be a long haul, and we are not gonna let them down.”

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