3 bold predictions for Miami Dolphins quarterbacks in 2022

Can the Miami Dolphins quarterback situation go from question mark to exclamation point? Here are three bold predictions for their QBs in 2022.

The Miami Dolphins undoubtedly have one of the most talented rosters heading in to the 2022 season. The entire defensive unit is returning after two solid years under the previous regime, and the offense has shiny new toys to play with, both at the skill positions and in the trenches.

Spirits are high in Miami as training camp and the pre-season get underway, and for good reason. There hasn’t been a lot of success for Dolphins fans to cheer about in recent memory, and some are hoping for the most successful season that the team has seen in over two decades.

But there is one big factor that keeps Miami from being a Super Bowl contender (for now). While they have spent time and resources at what is the most important position in the game, but the quarterback spot remains a question mark for Miami.

Tua Tagovailoa is entering the third and most important season of his career, and has yet to showcase the skill set that made him a top-5 pick in the 2020 Draft. Whether it be because of injury history or the failure of the coaching staff, there are doubts about his ability to be the long-term answer for the Dolphins.

But he and Teddy Bridgewater could form one of the best one-two options in the league if Mike McDaniel and company wind up being successful during their first season at the helm.

Here are three bold predictions for the Miami Dolphins’ quarterbacks in 2022:

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