Introducing the Miami Dolphins optimum receiving core

The Miami Dolphins made some serious splashes in free agency this year. No move bigger than trading for Tyreek Hill. The wide-receiver room is littered with mostly youthful talent. There are some guys we know are going to be on the team come September but the back half of the receiving core is still a mystery. One we won’t know until the end of the preseason. This list is my optimum wide-receiver core.

Currently, the Miami Dolphins are resting and relaxing as they should be. Yes, as per Mike McDaniel, they are also getting themselves prepared (I’m hoping they’re getting a little bit prepared physically) for when training camp begins which we now know is July 26th. Hooray for that.

Soon, the team will be strapping it up for real and we will be inundated with every pass, catch, run, block, drop, missed assignment, and strong performance that anyone wearing an aquatic mammal on their helmet does. We will dissect all of those instances and more thinking that every occurrence determines how a player is going to do in December. It’s what we do and I have accepted that reality.

For this optimum wide-receiver core list and potential future other ones, it is according to what I hope will be the depth chart come September. I have exactly zero inside knowledge, I haven’t and will not witness any practice. Instead, these are the words of a guy who hails from the 570 who wanted to write about his wishlist. I fully adhere to the diligence and expertise of Mike McDaniel and the rest of the coaching staff when it comes to the lineup. That is until they do something that ends up costing the team a game. Then, I will say I am smarter as I sit on my couch. That’s a natural way.

The Miami Dolphin’s receiver room was lacking something, except one guy and the team went out and got plenty of it.

The receiver room has a complete influx of speed and it seems that will be the identity of the team. To me, that fits because Miami is really warm, warm means heat, heat means energy, and energy moves fast when heated therefore the Miami Dolphins should run really fast as often as possible.

The current list of wide-receivers that will be invited to camp is as follows. Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, Cedrick Wilson, Erik Ezukanma, DeVonte Dedmon, River Cracraft, Trent Sherfield, Lynn Bowden Jr. Preston Williams, Cody Core, and Braylon Sanders. That’s 11 guys.

I don’t know if Mike McDaniel will elect to keep five or six receivers. For this purpose of Sern’s optimum wide-receiver core, I am saying there will be six receivers kept mainly because it’s more fun. I imagine by the end of it you will know who my top five receivers are if that’s the way you want to perceive it. You do you.

Feel free to let me know how great of a receiver core I created or go right ahead and let me know just how arrogant I must be to think anyone would ever care about what a two-time freshmen league football champion coach’s thoughts about who the Miami Dolphins should keep on the team before training camp must be. All entries are welcome. On to the list.

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