Afropunk’s first Miami event was a fashion freedom fest

After a long hiatus, Afropunk Miami brought its flavor and fashion to Florida’s hottest city with an “anything goes” energy—and theGrio was there.

The music. The art. The food. The cultural flavor. When it comes to the international festival series known as Afropunk, there’s always a lot to love—but for the festival franchises’ attendees, all eyes are inevitably on the festival fashion. That was made abundantly clear at Afropunk Miami 2022, which made its debut in the Florida metropolis in late May after a long wait for its in-person debut—and theGrio was there!

From cosplay to diasporic tributes, attendees of Afropunk Miami did the 305 proud with a bevy of striking and often daring sartorial statements. As the festival’s producers explained, that’s always been part of Afropunk’s mission.

“We really do ensure that the space is safe for people to literally live their best lives, visually,” Afropunk Producer Shauna Gray told our cameras, proudly boasting that in the franchise’s 18 years, it has remained a safe space for festival-goers.” The result? Freedom through fashion.

“The least amount of clothing or the most; do cosplay or do something Afrocentric, or something futuristic. You have the freedom to wear whatever,” said attendee Iman Greene, adding, “That’s amazing.”

Don’t take our word for it. Feel the fashion and freedom for yourself while checking out the incredible array of outfits, images, lewks, and summer 2022 style inspiration in our recap of Afropunk Miami fashion.

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