Friday Miami Dolphins Mailbag: Tua Topics, Ingram’s Impact, Bridgewater Effect, and More

Part 1 of this week’s SI Fan Nation All Dolphins mailbag:

From Reza Hariri (@Therealrezpect1):

I know it’s only one practice but did anyone surprise you good or bad? Guys bigger, faster or slower than you thought? Is there still a chance to sign Hicks or Foster? I think both would be an upgrade.

Hey Reza, hmm, on the first question, it was hard for anybody to really stand out because there was limited work in team drills or even 7-on-7s and that’s where you can see some things. If I were to point out one thing, I’d say maybe Preston Williams ran more fluidly than I remember him from last year. As for Akiem Hicks and/or Reuben Foster, I wouldn’t necessarily close the door on the possibility of either being signed, though I suspect with Foster, the workout was more of a fact-finding mission in case the Dolphins became interested at some point.

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