Miami Beach Volunteers Clean Litter Left By Senior Skip Day Slobs – NBC 6 South Florida

Video circulating on social media shows a filthy Miami Beach littered with trash.

Volunteers who cleaned up the beach told NBC 6 the problem stemmed from Senior Skip Day.

“I was speechless,” said Sophie Ringel, of Clean Miami Beach. “I didn’t know what to say, I was shocked.”

Ringel said she believes a day at the beach is harmless, and that Miami Beach is a world class destination, but she wants to keep it that way.

“Yesterday was senior skip day, and all the students went to the beach,” said Ringel. “Everyone should enjoy, but then leave it the way you found it.”

Beach clean up volunteers contacted Ringel after finding the area around South Point filled with garbage. Ringel helped spread the word about the trash to garner support for a day of cleaning.

“The turtles come to lay their eggs,” said Ringel. “Is that what they’re going to see?”

Volunteers grabbed bottles, cans, lids, empty bags and more to restore the beach to its full potential.

“Well littering is not okay, as simple as that,” said Ringel. “We really need to do better.”

Ringel said she wants to see more enforcement of the litter law on Miami Beach.

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