The Ten Worst Commutes in Miami | Miami

Do you commute off-island? Besides navigating the causeway, we are confident you might have noticed it seems to be taking longer to get around Miami.

Since misery tends to love company, we present the Top 10 Worst commutes in Miami, according to Hope you can stay away from these.

1. Cutler Bay and Palmetto Bay

With around 50,000 commuters, the median commute time in Cutler and Palmetto Bay is around 40 to 44 minutes. 28% of commuters have reported having to sit through a 60-minute commute. Come prepared with snacks and a movie if you want to visit!

2. Kendale Lakes and Kendall

Planning on making a trip to Kendall? Come prepared… with time. The median commute time in this area is 38 to 42 minutes. Of more than 52,000 commuters, 25.5% report over a 60-minute commute and 5.1% report 90 minutes.

3. The Hammocks, Richmond West, and Country Walk

With a staggering 58,751 commuters, a trip to one of these locations does not sound like fun. On average, the commute time is 35 to 39 minutes, and 24.1% of commuters make a commute that is over 60 minutes.

4. South Miami Heights

The commute to these heights is almost tied with the average 41 minutes it takes in the “Big Apple’s” Washington Heights. 33 to 39 minutes is the median commute time, with 24.4% of its 55,143 commuters reporting a commute over 60 minutes.

5. Homestead and Florida City

If you’re thinking of making a trip to one of these places, make sure to clear out your schedule. On average, the commute time is 33 to 37 minutes, with 23.1% of commuters actually making a 60-minute commute.

6. Miami Lakes

With a population of 123,477, Miami Lakes has more than 58,000 commuters. It averages 31 to 36 minutes of commute time, with 17.5% of commuters reporting it takes them more than a 60-minute commute.

7. Opa-Locka, West Little River and Westview

More than 45,000 people commute here. How many of them take more than 60 minutes to get there ? More than 7,000. The median commute time is 30 to 34 minutes.

8. Doral, Sweetwater and Fontainebleau

Make sure to come prepared if you plan on visiting one of these places. With more than 60,000 commuters, the median commute time is 30 to 34 minutes. And nearly 15% of commuters report over 60 minutes of time wasted in their cars.

9. Tamiami Trail Region

A population of 111,180 people makes sense for nearly 50,000 commuters. On average, 30 to 34 minutes is what it takes people to get to this. It takes more than 10% of commuters over 60 minutes to get to the Tamiami Trail Region.

10. North Miami and Golden Glades

Once you get into the 20s, it seems like there’s still hope left in the world. The commute to North Miami and Golden Glades on average ranges from 27 to 33 minutes. It takes 13.1% of commuters more than 60 minutes to get there, but 27 is better than Cutler and Palmetto Bay’s 40!

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