Handle Dolphins’ ‘Chaos,’ Play Loose, Throw It Around

Wilson knows if he survives the blitz, he’ll then see strong man coverage, especially on the corners with Xavien Howard and Byron Jones.

“Yeah, really good players,” he said, “but from an offensive standpoint, we can’t be afraid to go after them and test them for sure. We can’t just sit back there and say, hey, just because they’re good corners, we can’t just not throw the ball at them. We’ve got to attack them and just do what we normally do on offense and come out just going after them.”

Wilson also knows he’s got stuff to work on that have less to do with the ‘Fins than with himself. He was asked about his accuracy dropoff from BYU to the NFL, particularly in the short passing game.

“Yeah, it’s of course frustrating because they should be the easier ones, right? And I need to have that comfortable feeling of what I had last year. But it’s a different situation. I’m throwing to different guys than I was last year. … It’s all adjusting, it’s a new offense, a new scheme, there’s new guys rushing now, I got new guys blocking for me. And so, it’s just adjusting to all of it, and I need to be able to be comfortable back there and understand it’s part of the process, it’s going to get better with time.”

As will that old QB challenge, playing loose, something Wilson will be seeking not just at Miami but in the last three games, against the Jaguars and Buccaneers and at Buffalo to wrap up his rookie campaign.

“Personally for me, I just need to play loose and not try and be such a perfect pocket-passing quarterback all the time,” he said. “I’m just trying to do so right by the coaches and what they’re asking me to do, and a part of it is I need to just be loose and play free, obviously play within the offense but just react and throw the ball like I’ve always known how to throw the ball.

“And that’s what’s so cool about these next games. Even with what we’ve gone through, the struggles of it all, I feel like you’ve got to kind of go through all that to pull the good stuff from it. So I’m excited for the challenge, just to be able to apply that approach every single week the same way and how I can just keep improving.”

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